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What is Caroom?

The First Touch

  • Why do the Best Footballers-Soccer Players have such GREAT FOOTSKILLS? 
  • They know Pace. 
  • They know First Touch. 
  • They know the Value of Practice
  • They know CAROOM tm.

The Second Touch

  • Like a Soccer ball, the MARKET can bounce around almost randomly.
  • Yet, randomness is an illusion and an allusion
  • That means: There are patterns
  • And, like Soccer, those patterns can be learned and understood
  • Remember: True Intelligence is not Artificial.

The Third Touch

  • The Pitch is your domain,  CAROOM tm is your partner to help you develop the footskills, strike, & balance you need to Dominate the Pitch. 
  • Made in Yo, Ohio with powder-coated steel for stability & durability. 
  • Call 1-330-533-9024 to order your  CAROOM tm 

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